Member Application

You do not have to be a member to buy from Valley Wide Coopertive. There are two types of status' that can be applied for: Qualifying Patron, and Membership. The benefits of each are as follows:


Qualifying Patron

  • Vote for board members
  • Participate in annual meetings
  • Receive annual patronage
  • Receive annual patronage

Get your Membership Application Forms

Answer a few questions to get the appropriate forms to become a member of Valley Wide Cooperative. Once you have downloaded your forms, you can mail, fax, email or upload your signed files to us.

Note, the ST-101 Sales Tax Resale / Exemption Certificate is intended for those users who require a sales tax exemption, and is included in all packets but is not required.

Security Code:
Do You Own a Farm and expect to spend $2500 annually with Valley Wide Coop?:
Would you like to apply for a credit account with Valley Wide Coop?:
Would You like to Add Fuel/Fleet Card(s) to your new account, which will help you save $0.02 per gallon?:
How Will You Send Your Forms?:

You only need to submit this form if you are uploading your application files.

If you have any questions about how to complete your forms, please call us at 208-372-7011.