Chairman's Message

Well once again it was great to get out the end of January and travel across the state to attend the three annual district meetings in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Nampa. I always enjoy meeting with the members that make the cooperative what it is. Each one was well attended and was a great night of food, conversation, information, and of course, door prizes. I want to thank everyone that was able to come out and support the cooperative.

I would also like to thank all of the staff for the hours of planning, preparation, set up, clean up and everything else that goes into these events. It is no small task to plan, coordinate, and carry out an event with several hundred people in three locations across the state, on three consecutive nights.

We hold these meetings every year for several reasons, among them being that it is required by our bylaws that we meet and present the financials to the members. We could simply hold a single meeting in a central location and just present the financials and send you on your way. The board though feels that it is important that we hold one in each district so that we are able to reach a greater number of members. Now, I know it is still far for many to to travel but we are making great effort to be as transparent as we can with the most amount of membership we can. We also like to combine it with a nice dinner and some door prizes to show the members our appreciation for their continued support.

Another reason we hold these annual district meetings is for the election of board members. This year we have one new board member from each district. So three out of the nine board members are new, but each one of them brings with them years of experience in the Ag industry.

In district one, Chris Clelland who farms in the Caldwell area was elected. Though this is Chris’s first time serving on a cooperative board he has been an advocate for cooperatives, being a participant in our Cornerstone 101 program and even been back to Washington DC representing the cooperative and Ag industry.

Karen Fields, who has a small dairy in the Shoshone area was elected to the board in district two. Karen brings with her several years of cooperative board experience as she served on the Valley Coop board prior to the merger with ValleyWide, but willingly stepped down at that time as part of reducing the amount of board members.
In district three, Bart Wattenbarger, who farms in the Shelly area, was elected to the board. Bart also brings with him years of experience from previously serving on Bingham Cooperative’s board of directors.

Each one has a diverse background, but I know that the experience they bring to the boardroom will be an asset to the board, you the members, and the cooperative as a whole. I again want to thank you that attended our annual district meetings. If you were unable to attend the meetings, a copy of the financials and the annual report can be found on our website. If there are any questions you have, please contact a board member in your area. After all, we do represent you.

Thank you.
Adam Clark, Board Chairman


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