Commercial & Dairy

Did you know that propane fuel is a less expensive route than fuel or diesel? Did you know that propane combustion emits fewer pollutants? With Valley Wide Cooperative you will be working with our local certified trained technicians to help design and install new propane systems. Our technicians are also able to troubleshoot your current propane products. 

Dependable and reliable propane delivery and service is crucial when it comes to propane for your business. Throughout the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and Nevada businesses big and small trust in Valley Wide Cooperative. We can guarantee that your business will never run out of propane. With our 24/7 emergency services our trained technicians are here to help answer all of your propane questions. We offer state of the art wireless tank monitors that will allow you to keep track of your propane levels without even leaving your office. Ask our trained technicians about the Satellite Monitors that are available to you.

What our customers say...

We switched to the local Coop in December 2015 to provide our company with propane services. Valley Wide Cooperative has been great to work with and continues to provide prompt and quality services. We use around 6,000 gallons of propane per year and are excited to work with Valley Wide Cooperative to continue supplying us with our propane needs. - Earl Gilmartin, Commercial Creamery

We have 3 homes, and a milking parlor that Valley Wide Cooperative services. A lot of the services provided are used in our parlor to heat the water for the cleaning system. Valley Wide Cooperative Provides us with excellent customer service and quality work. We would recommend Valley Wide Cooperative to anyone looking for a propane company that care about their needs. We have worked with Valley Wide since 2006 and have been pleased with the services they provide.  - Kathy Smith

Services We Offer

Propane Forklift

Propane for Fork Lifts

Valley Wide Cooperative works with several local business to fill the propane tank for their ForkLifts. There are over 600,000 propane serviced fork lifts in use today. Let Valley Wide help you with your businesses fork lift propane and never worry about running out.


Temporary Heating

Valley Wide Cooperative works with several different construction sites to bring them temporary heat. No matter the construction site you are on, to keep your deadlines let Valley Wide provide you with our portable propane tanks to keep your staff working in a nice warm temperature. Valley Wide Propane is the right choice for any propane project.


With Propane autogas you will be able to reduce your operating cost, lower emissions, reduce your dependence on foreign oils, proven performance, and cost effective. AutoGas is cleaner and greener. Speak with one of our sales representatives today about how we can help save money with changing out school buses, city vehicle, and several more. Propane Autogas has proven to cut a companies fuel bill in half.

Pool & Spa Heating

Valley Wide Cooperative offers services to companies that are installing Pools and Spas at their facilities. Let us install our state of the art boilers to help keep you warm. 

Road Crews

Let Valley Wide Cooperative help your team be prepared with the propane torches and tanks they need while laying asphalt, burning weeds, or portable generators. Whatever the reason Valley Wide is your #1 choice in service. 



Valley Wide Cooperative is committed to serving all of our customers' needs. We understand the importance of taking care of the farm. We offer a special dairy service that provides you with not only a certified trained technician on call 24/7 for all your dairy needs, but we offer installation and maintenance for your barn heater.



Propane is reliable, clean-burning, and an efficient source of energy. Irrigation systems that use propane produce 11% fewer green house gases than gas powered systems. Farmers all over the United States are constantly having to replace big diesel irrigation engines, propane powered irrigation motors are significantly less in cost and the longevity is three times as long.

Not only can Valley Wide help save on setting up the propane irrigation system but there are several other uses for propane that can be used around the farm such as mowers, barn heat, grain dryers, weed burning, and so much more. Valley Wide Cooperative is here for the farmer and to continue providing a valuable service that is cost effective and proven.