We offer a wide variety of horse feed to maintain your horse's health, increase longevity and provide nutritious supplements.

What Our Customers Say...

When my husband was alive, we had hundreds of horses on our ranch. My husband came up with a specific blend of feed that was given to the stallions and mares, which was a balanced blend to provide the vitamins and minerals they needed. Valley Wide Cooperative was able to produce this custom feed blend, which we have used for many years. The feed helps the horses to grow out and have the energy they need, but not make them fat. People that came to see the yearlings said that couldn’t believe how big they were. I wouldn’t feed the horses anything else.   -Marilyn Dagley

Valley Country Feed

Try Valley Country's proprietary blends to maximize your horse's health.

Other Feeds Offered In Store

Valley Wide Cooperative offer a wide range of the horse feed and supplements from today's top brands to offer your horse the best possible nutrition.

* Product selection varies by location and season. While we have a wide selection, some products may only be available by special order. Please call your nearest Valley Country Store location for products carried at your store.