Organic Feed

Valley Wide Cooperative's mill in Downey, Idaho is a fully Certified Organic Feed Mill, fully licensed to process organic grains and blend organic custom feeds. This certification comes from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Valley Wide produces over half a dozen basic organic options. Customers may request custom blends of the organic options listed below. Please go to the Feed Locations Page, to contact our Feed office to request custom blends, or go to our Feed Inquiry Page to fill out an online request.

Organic feed options:

  • Steam Rolled Barley
  • Ground Corn
  • Canola Meal
  • Flax Meal
  • Lactation Pellet
  • Calf Starter in 50 lb bags
  • Kelp Meal
We deliver our feed in bulk, but customers may also bring their own large trucks to our Downey facility to pick up their order of feed, if they so choose.