Valley Country Store offers one of the largest selections of swine feed in the region. Make Valley Country Feed your choice to maximize your hogs' nutrition.

What Our Customers Say...

I purchase Valley Wide Feed for my Hogs. My main concern is their lactation and gestation for my sows. Valley Wide offers a custom feed mix in order to provide the nutrients my sows need. This feed has proven to be nutritious and provide the elements of nutrition that they need. We have been using Valley Wide Feed for more than 20 years even before they were Valley Wide Feed. In the last five years Valley Wide Feed has been a big part of our operation. I would recommend this feed to other individuals that are looking for a quality feed for their hogs. Valley Wide Feed Show feed has proven successful as well. -Doug Seamons 

Valley Country Feed

Valley Country's proprietary blends are formulated to maximize your hogs' nutrition. High-quality, nutritious, affordable feed trusted by Valley's customers for more than 25 years. If what you are looking for is not shown below, or you are not sure which would be best for your circumstance, please click here to contact us so we can help you choose the right feed, or if needed, help create the right custom blend that fits your needs.

Other Hog Feeds Offered in Store

Valley Wide Cooperative offers a wide range of hog feed from today's top brands to offer top nutrition to all ages of pigs, hogs and swine.*

* Product selection varies by location and season. While we have a wide selection, some products may only be available by special order. Please call your nearest Valley Country Store location for products carried at your store.