Annual District Meetings

We Are Stronger Together

If you couldn’t attend the 2018 Valley Wide Cooperative Annual District Meeting, we missed having you there as we discussed our vision and goals for the cooperative and reviewed just how much we’ve grown Stronger Together. Over the years, members have seen the co-op go through multiple mergers, and with that amount of growth, it’s easy to wonder if your voice becomes lost as a member. The message of this year’s meeting conveyed that this isn’t so, and highlighted many of the benefits members enjoy because of Valley Wide’s position as 16th in the nation.

Meetings took place in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Nampa, Idaho. Members listened to a report from the Board Chairman Adam Clark, introductions of new Board Members, and a keynote speech from Cooperative CEO Dave Holtom. At our meetings this year we featured an array of prizes from our vendors such as Camp Chef, Traeger, Milwaukee, True Value, Yeti, and Carhartt, along with several other brands. The Cooperative once again gave away three different cruise packages to three lucky winners from every event location, and the Grand Prize of a Four by Four Side by Side was awarded to Clifford Roy Miller.

This year, Valley Wide Cooperative saw a bit of change in the Board of Directors with three new members: Chris Clelland for District One, Karen Fields in District Two, and Bart Wattenbarger in District Three. Board Chairman Adam Clark introduced each new Board Member at their respective district meetings, and shared his thoughts on this year’s theme: Stronger Together. It’s a slogan that not only encompasses the values and goals of the cooperative, but expresses the structure of the people who make up the co-op and are committed to its success. Individual producers together make up individual cooperatives which, with combined resources, creates a larger organization that has the ability to offer more to its member base. Valley Wide Coop has grown to such a degree that it provides members with increasing relevance and influence, access to global sourcing, competitive pricing, and a level of support that an individual cooperative, let along a single producer, would not be able to find alone.

Dave Holtom discussed this philosophy and its tangible results in length, along with the overall strategy to align the Cooperative with the needs of the members. He provided insight on not only finished and current projects, but discussed the strategic partnerships the cooperative had developed over the years by coming together through mergers to make a stronger foundation for Valley Wide Cooperative. Highlighted was the joint venture between Valley Agronomics and Wilco-Winfield coming together under one name, Valley Agronomics LLC, providing more opportunities for not only the growers with better pricing and services, but for the employees as well.

We are excited for future opportunities and the success of not only the Co-op but the success of our members, customers, and partners. We compete each day to be the first choice in feed, energy, retail, and agronomy.

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