Remote Tank Monitor

Increase your peace of mind with Valley Wide's remote tank monitoring service by WESROC®. We use a wireless process to access your tank's information and actively track the level so that we can automatically respond to any changes in your fuel consumption and complete deliveries as needed.

In addition, the system ensures your safety and protects your home. With constant monitoring, Valley Wide will be notified if your tank experiences a sudden erratic operation.

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How does it work?

1. The Cellular Unit - The cellular tank transmitter is typically installed in under 15 minutes. This includes a full system test to ensure that the equipment is working properly and the service is reporting tank level data to Valley Wide. A cable connects the unit to a dial on your tank to read the level. The equipment is completely sealed and maintenance-free, designed for years of reliable operation.

2. The Cell Tower - The information is transmitted via a secure cellular network providing a reliable communication path to Valley Wide. Tank levels and usage data read and recorded by the cellular unit is transmitted to Valley Wide at regular intervals so that we can be more responsive to your needs.

3. Reports - Valley Wide receives reports that list every tank fill with the date, time, and gallons delivered, thereby creating a chronological history of all your tank activity. These reports ensure timely deliveries so you will never run out of fuel.

4. Delivery - Because Valley Wide is monitoring your tank levels, you can rest assured that delivery of your fuel will be there when you need it.

Information from each cellular unit you own/manage can be accessed online or from any mobile device. Not only can the tank monitoring system be used to help individual homeowners, but is also an excellent tool for property managers, or individuals with multiple homes or propane units in a home.